3 Surprising De-Stress Solutions 三個令人意想不到的"減壓方案"

You can be on the road to relaxation faster than you think. 放鬆身、心、靈原來如此簡單...
By Alison Stein Wellner

You know that stressful feeling(令人感到壓力): the tightening of your neck muscles that brings your shoulders a little closer to your ears, the churning feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maybe you even notice your breath quicken(呼吸加快) and become shallow(淺薄). But whatever the short-term symptoms(短期症狀), the long-term toll of stress is greater(長期受壓的代價): High blood pressure(血壓高), obesity(肥胖), and even heart disease(心臟病) risk can increase. Try these steps to interrupt(中斷) the cycle of stress and stop it from sidelining you.

1) Breathing Bonus(呼吸手法): Taking 15 minutes to breathe deeply(深深地呼吸15分鐘) just once a day can lower blood pressure(降低血壓) in people suffering(患有) from hypertension(高血壓), according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Hypertension. The next time you're feeling the effects of stress(壓力), try inhaling(吸氣) deeply as you slowly raise(慢慢地升起) your shoulders(肩部) up to your ears(直到耳朵). As you exhale(呼氣) let your shoulders(肩部)sink down(沉落) away from your ears(遠離耳朵). Repeat this five times(重復五次) and bask in the feeling of relaxation(享受放鬆的感覺).

2) Pain-in-the-Neck Prevention(預防頸痛): If you're stressed to the point where your neck muscles(頸部肌肉) are screaming(呼叫), you probably feel like booking a massage(按摩). But doing neck-strengthening exercises(鞏固頸部運動) instead can relieve your pain -- and may even prevent the pain from coming back, according to research in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Lie face-up(躺平) and gently lift your head(輕輕地升起您的頭) then lower it for three sets(再以三次慢慢地放下) of 20 repetitions(每次重複二十次) three times a week(每星期三次).

3) Petal Power(花瓣力量): The best time to stop stress is before it starts. Women who kept brightly colored flowers(明亮、有色彩的花), in their work spaces, researchers found, were less stressed than women who kept simple green plants without flowers, or no plants at all. The reason? It's possible that brightly colored flowers capture our attention, giving us a quick mental break from the negative feelings that lead to stress, says Eunhee Kim, PhD, lead researcher in the study. So fill your office with flowers, particularly colorful ones such as gerbera daisies. Or plant a pot of African violets or chrysanthemums for a stress reliever with blooms that last longer.